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LA NUU 2022

Rubí international photography festival. Life, an instruction manual

Fotograifa: Julie Van der Vaart


LA NUU 2022

Rubí photography festival

LA NUU 2022 

A temporary street exhibition


Rubí international photography festival
Born in October in the year 2015 with the desire to create a solid proposal to the people of the town that touched on the different themes of the author's photography. At the same time, La Nuu continues with the idea of making the city of Rubí a place of obligatory reference in the field of photography.

A temporary street exhibition
Throughout the month of October, various large-format photographic installations will be in full view of everyone. Facades of buildings and squares in the city become, in this way, a museum at the foot of the street. The main strategy of the festival is the use of public space to awaken the emotional complicity of the citizens of Rubí. This type of exhibition will impose certain limitations, but also avoid the danger of being unseen behind the city's back. This edition will once again fill the streets of Rubi with contemporary photography without barriers. Visitors and citizens will become voluntary and involuntary spectators.

Public and the public
La Nuu has two clear objectives, bringing the best of contemporary photography and, at the same time, turning Rubí into a place of reference in the world of photography. A round trip that invites different audiences: the citizens of Rubí, lovers or not of photography, and a public interested in photography and culture in general attracted by the proposal of the festival.

Local, internacional
Year after year La Nuu reafirms its international vocation showing artists from abroad. This way we had the opportunity to enjoy with the presence of relevant photographers like Laura El-Tantawy, Klavdij Sluban, Marie Sordat, Mahammad Fadli, Sung Jin Park, Shinya Arimoto & Xiaoxiao Xu amongst many others.

Artists 2022

Assaf Iglesias
Blanca Viñas
Erik Estany
Helena Civit
Israel Ariño
Clara Gasull
Jordi Esteva
Kumar Anu

Lorena Morin
Tomoko Daido
Zhang Kechun

Julie Van der Vaart

Ann-Sophie Deproost

Fotografia: Ann-Sophie Deproost

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