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Lorena Morin

(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 1973)

—Installation Plaça de Clavé (Map)

The mother of five children, Lorena Morin lives with her family in Berlin. A member of the Temps Zero group, she has been obsessively photographing her loved ones and their life together since 2008. She photographs her family and herself in the common spaces of the house – bedrooms, corridors, bathroom, kitchen and so on. Her work is based on this private diary and, at the same time, on a new re-signification of the family photo album. Gathering up in her hands with the passing of time and fleeting days: memory, keepsakes, intimate family life as a mother, a woman, a lover. Always surrounded by those she most loves.

Lorena Morin does not use digital tools, but works with traditional large format, medium format and polaroid cameras. She takes both colour and black-and-white photographs. These are intimate images in which the artist, her partner and their five children appear in a narrative built up as a photographic diary woven from day to day.

The title of her work, Je reste avec vous – I stay with you – is taken from the epitaph on the tomb of the poet Jean Cocteau, buried in Milly-la-Fôret. This is a declaration of love and a commitment to life. Reflecting her daily life, her work focuses on the personal and family universe. Hers is a coherent, savagely emotional, close-up, radical practice, both attentive and immensely beautiful.