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International call
for photography works
in audivisual format

La Nuu festival 2022 launches an international Open Call for photo works in audiovisual format.
A number of preselected works will be shown during the SCREEN night of 29th of october. 
The international jury conformed by professionals related to the medium of photography will then appoint a single winner that will receive a 1000€ Prize (taxes excluded).


Irene de Mendoza
Natasha Christia
Emilie Hallard

Who can participate?

— Photographers from any corner of the world, professionals or not
— Must be 18+ years old to enter

How to participate?

— There are no fees of participation. It’s free for all
— There’s no specific topic or requirements regarding the methods used
— We accept only one single proposal per participant

The deadline is the 23th of october.

Technical guidelines
*Note that not meeting the following guidelines can prevent your work from being considered

— Credits, text and other mentions must appear in English or with an English translation
— In case the photo project shown has an introduction text, make sure it doesn’t exceed a 70 words limit. Remember it must appear in English or with its translation
— The video should be sent as a QuickTime file (.mov)
— As a guideline, the average tempo of this kind of production is around 10 images per minute
— The lenght of the video should be between 3 and 8 minutes.
— Export your video at a fairly good quality for a big projected screen (1024x768Pixels at least)

All entries must be sent via Wetransfer LINK to;


Please add the following information in the same email:
— Name of the author or collective
— Title of the project
— Short project statement
— Duration of the slideshow, to the second
— Software used to create the slideshow
— Musical credits

Foto: Assaf Iglesias