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The photobook as a language. Photobook workshop with Tommaso Parrillo, Witty Books publishing house founder www.witty-books.com

“Usually in my workshops I face the photobook as a language, rather than creating a physical dummy.
The goal of the workshop is to see the own work in a new light,
focusing mainly on editing and sequencing, then moving on to the importance of design and finally talking about how the publishing market works”

Photobook: an expressive medium


The photobook is an expressive medium, a universe with its internal rules and its own architecture: editing, sequence, design and choice of materials are elements available to the author to offer the reader a key through which to collect and decode the many possible meanings. of the photographic discourse.

The goal of the Workshop is to provide the tools suitable for addressing the process of genesis of the photographic book, integrating a conceptual and theoretical approach with practical aspects.
During the meetings, various themes will be addressed and discussed: from the ambiguity of the image as an opportunity to open new levels of reading, to visual coherence, narrative rhythm and production elements.
Participants will be asked to participate both actively, working with test prints to make an editing of the sequence, but also interacting with the images of the other participants; important element for reading the images and the relationship between them.
The aim of the workshop will be to create a new sequence for your own project. and approach the construction of the book object, at the end, each participant will have the necessary knowledge to continue the work independently.

• How read a photobook; case studio.

• Presentations of the participants' personal projects and first practical approach to the image selection process.

• Image selection session with the intention of building a sequence consistent with the objectives set for each individual project.

• Collective analysis of projects.

• Editing, construction of the sequence, definition of the design of the book projects.

•   What to do next: Impact of the movement on society: the market, festivals, competitions, trends. As we propose to a publisher

What is needed?

• Laptop

• Test prints (10x15cm)


Who can participate?

The workshop is recommended for photographers, curators and visual artists with a project designed for publication, coherent and possibly at an advanced stage.
The course is also aimed at people interested in visual fiction and editorial production. In this case, the choice of material with which to produce the book is at the discretion of the person concerned: pre-prepared collages, found photos, clippings and texts will be fine, the important thing is the idea behind the selection.

The workshop willtake place between October 22 and 23 in Rubí

The cost is 80€